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HESS-Track has undergone a major update recently. As a result, the menu structure and navigation paths have been redesigned and many new features have been added.
Do not hesitate to provide us your feedback and suggestions.

HESS-Track is a modern solution for transparent access to observe the state and history of your electrical vehicle fleet. Tailored to different use cases, the solution will provide operations with real-time dashboards and notifications, managers with reports, maintenance personnel with diagnostics and customer service with insights.

Respecting the principles of ITxPT, HESS-Track collects and processes live vehicle dynamics and transforms this data into easy to access information. Interactive dashboards allow you to drill down from the fleet-level into a vehicle and even further down into sub-systems or functional entities. Data to support vehicle diagnostics can also be requested and periodic reports can be defined and generated efficiently.

HESS-Track believes that users need information based on their role. A manager will prefer to have easy access to reports whereas a maintenance technician would like to consult the vehicle’s breakdown history for example. Therefore, each user will be assigned to a role that fits best her or his activity.

As a customer, you do not have to worry about user management. HESS-Track will do that for you.

HESS-Track is built with market-leading software-tools and respects the highest data security standards. Special attention is given to system availability and access to vehicle data is granted even if vehicles are not online.

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